MathParser - parses MathML to LaTeX
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MathParser is a freeware tool that converts MathML into LaTeX. It processes pure MathML code as well as HTML with embedded MathML. It also offers a special built-in parser for Mathcad HTML/MathML files. You do not have to retype all equations for publishing anymore.

MathParser is freeware, simple to use and can easily be customized if needed.

MathParser is written in Java™ and runs on every computer with a Java Runtime Environment (version 1.4 and higher). You can download a Java Runtime Environment for your computer at

Note: Currently MathParser only processes MathML in 'presentation markup' notation.
2005-12-01 Update:
With the new version 12, Mathcad has changed its file format. Moreover, it is not possible to export into the Techexplorer format anymore. The next version of MathParser will parse Mathcad 12 files. Until then, the only workaround to get your Mathcad 12 data parsed into LaTeX is to save as Mathcad 11 file, open in Mathcad 11 and export as usual.
Unfortunately, the development of MathParser is not comtinued at this time. Since there are people out there who are still using MathParser, we decided to publish the sources. This way you can adapt the program to your own needs. Maybe there is someone who wants to develop the next version.
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