MathParser - parses MathML to LaTeX
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If Java™ is already installed on your computer, just download the MathParser JAR file below.
If you do not have Java on your computer, you need to download it from Sun's Java website at

Important: The software is made available free of charge; thus, no express or implied warranties are made.

Download MathParser:
MathParser056.jar (68 kB)
JAR file, executable on every computer with a Java™ Runtime Environment 1.4 or higher.
Copyright © 2004 Tilman Walther & Martin Wilke, Berlin
substitutions.txt (10 kB)
Substitution table for MathParser (not needed for regular use)
header.txt (1 kB)
LaTeX header for MathParser (not needed for regular use) (184 kB)
The program's source codes